ArthriAid HA Powder

NutriScience ArthriAid HA is a complementary feed for cats and dogs to help maintain joint mobility. ArthriAid HA works by the unique combination of its ingredients. Rather than just having Glucosamine, it contains 5 ingredients that all work to help aid joint health. Glucosamine stimulates the production of new cartilage, Chondroitin attracts fluid into cartilage which helps shock absorption, MSM helps to soothe tired joints, Hyaluronic Acid cushions and lubricates joints & other tissues and finally Vitamins C is an antioxidants that help with pain, swelling and inflammation. All these ingredients work together to aid joint mobility in both cats and dogs. NutriScience ArthriAid HA is a supplement which is available in a meat flavour powder of 400g and comes with a 2gm scoop

Product info

ArthriAid HA contains 140% more of the key joint care ingredients than leading brands, meaning your pet will thank you for the extra help! There are many reasons why you should consider a joint supplement:

  • Trauma/Operation Recovery
  • Ageing
  • Infection
  • Genetics
  • Weight
  • Mechanics
  • Activity

ArthriAid HA is a joint supplement with a bit of a difference. From well-known joint care ingredients such as glucosamine, the lesser known MSM which helps to soothe tired joints, to Vitamins C & E which are powerful antioxidants that help to reduce pain and inflammation. It also contains the ‘miracle molecule’ Hyaluronic Acid which acts like a cushion & lubricates joints and other tissues. Recommended Amount:

<5kg 2g daily
5-10kg 3g daily
10-20kg 4g daily
20-30kg 5g daily
>40kgs 6g daily



Composition per dose (5g): Dextrose, Glucosamine HCL 600mg, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane 250mg, Chondroitin Sulphate 240mg, Sodium Hyaluronate 7.2mg Analytical constituents: Crude Carbohydrate 81%, Crude Protein 20%, Crude Oils & Fats <0.5%, Crude Fibre 0.8%, Crude Ash 1.2%, Sodium, 0.5%.

How To Use

Simply add to food daily. Give the recommended amount and after 14 – 21 days the daily intake can be reduced to meet the animal’s specific needs (usually can be reduced by half).