NaturVet by Swedencare


NaturVet, a leading pet brand renowned in the US for its commitment to pet health and wellness, is now brought to Europe by Swedencare. This marks a significant moment as we introduce a line of products celebrated for quality and trustworthiness, now adapted with European standards of excellence.

Our European-made range of NaturVet by Swedencare products embodies a fusion of American innovation and local quality, meeting the unique needs of European pets and their families. It’s not just about providing supplements; it’s about offering a comprehensive promise of care, safety, and wellbeing for your pets. For our retail and distribution partners, NaturVet by Swedencare represents an opportunity to enrich your offerings with a brand that’s already proven its value to consumers in the US.

And for pet parents, choosing NaturVet by Swedencare means opting for a trusted partner in your pet’s health journey, assuring them of the best care possible.


  • #1 trusted brand among pet parents in the USA*
  • 30 years of commitment to making the highest quality supplements for pets
  • The most popular products from the US market now available in Europe
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • More than 600 million soft chews sold in 2023

*Number one trusted brand among pet parents in the US according to GLG Strategic Projects Pet Supplement Market Study.

Omega Gold

  • Helps support healthy skin and a glossy coat
  • Formulated with essential fatty acids
  • No wheat added
  • 90 or 180 chews

Quiet Moments™

  • Helps improve behaviour and temperament
  • Great for travel, storms, fireworks, and grooming
  • No wheat added
  • 70 or 120 chews

Cranberry Relife™

  • Helps support a healthy urinary tract
  • Boosts immune system
  • No wheat added
  • 60 or 120 chews


  • 4-in-1 support
  • Vitamins & Minerals, Skin & Coat, Joint Support, and Prebiotics
  • No wheat added
  • 60 or 120 chews

No Scoot™

  • Helps support healthy anal sac and gland function
  • Formulated with pumpkin
  • No wheat added
  • 60 or 120 chews

Advanced Probiotics

  • Helps support and balance the total GI system
  • Great for sensitive stomachs and digestive issues
  • No wheat added
  • 70 or 120 chews


  • Specifically formulated to support healthy hip and joint function
  • Helps alleviate aches and discomfort associated with daily exercise
  • No wheat added
  • 70 or 120 chews

Allergy Aid

  • Helps support a normal healthy immune system
  • Maintains proper skin moisture and respiratory health
  • No wheat added
  • 70 or 180 chews