NutriLyte replaces energy fast and can be used during, and immediately after, exercise. NutriLyte contains sodium chloride and potassium in the same ratio as is lost in sweat. Because NutriLyte contains easily absorbed carbohydrates that replace energy much faster and can therefore be used during, and immediately after, exercise.

Product info

NutriLyte is available in powder and gel. 1.5 kg tub with 30g daily will last for 50 days* and Gel in packs of two 60ml syringes. *Days supply of product is intended as a guide only and is subject to animal's weight and maintenance/loading periods. Dosage: Powder: 30g to feed or in 3 litres of water and mix whilst adding. This amount can be given daily. Gel: NutriLyte Gel may be used for intense activity and immediate results. One gel replaces losses of electrolytes equivalent to 1% fluid loss. To be used a minimum of three hours prior to exercise. Two syringes are recommended after exhaustive exercise. Store in a cool, dry place under 25C.


NutriLyte Horse Electrolyte Replacement Supplement contains the following ingredients (per kg): Sodium Chloride 88gm Sodium Citrate 45gm Potassium Chloride 50gm Monopotassium Phosphate 13gm Vitamin C 7.5gm Maltodextrin 790gm Apple Flavour


Powder: Add to feed or in water and mix whilst adding. The gel is intended for oral use. Always provide free access to water when administering NutriLyte.