Stomax® Cat & Dog

Stomax is a pet food supplement intended to improve digestion. Stomax is a prebiotic based on an easily digestible roughage from potato and chicory that promotes the growth of beneficial bacterial strains found in the intestine, including bifidobacteria. The product stimulates the bacterial biomass and improves bowel function.

Product Info

Stomax is suitable for both dogs and cats and works simultaneously in three ways: normalizes defecation, stimulates beneficial bacteria- and micro-organisms and protects and supports a healthy stomach. Stomax is available in two sizes, 63g and 200g. Recommended Amount: ​

Cats 0.5 dose measure mixed with water and then with food
Dogs between 1 kg and 10 kg 0.5 dose measure mixed with water and then with food.
Dogs between 10 kg and 25 kg 1 dose measure mixed with water and then with food.
​Dogs over 25 kg 1.5 dose measures mixed with water and then with food.

*ADMINISTERED TWICE A DAY FOR A PERIOD OF 3 TO 12 WEEKS. 1 DOSE MEASURE = 10 ML = 3 G. Important facts about Stomax: Stomax is based on a broad fibre complex and lecithin. Stomax stimulates effective digestion. Lecithin is a phospholipid extracted from GMO-free soya and strengthens the protective effect of the stomach lining. Fibres (PV70) are carefully selected for their unique and beneficial properties. They have been extracted from potatoes and have an extremely high water-holding ability (important with abnormally loose faeces) and a high proportion of galactose and cellulose. 1 kilogram of Stomax is equal to the fibre provided by 50 kg of potatoes! Keep dry and store at room temperature.


Ingredients: Dried potato pulp (PV70), yeast product, crude lecithins, chicory insulin. Analytical constituents: Protein 11,1%, crude fibre 14,9%, fat contents 5,7%, inorganic matter 4,1%. Additives (mg/kg): Vitamins: B1 1200 mg, B6 400 mg, Folic acid 100 mg, B12 34 mg. Amino acid Methionine 1,2%. Calorie content: 346,7kcal /100g