Fulfillment Advantage Ventures (FAV)

Fulfillment Advantage Ventures is a five-year pet e-commerce logistics company to all the coveted national online accounts. It’s proprietary software allows it to communicate with multiple retailers while translating into a standard in-house format to allow for efficient processing of orders. In addition, the unique kit algorithm allows for unlimited product combination offerings, maximizing the inventory turns and sales potential of new/existing products.  The company also owns select brands; Healthy Breeds®, CalmCoat® and PawsGive®.

Garmon Corp.

Founded in 1994

Garmon Corp. manufactures pet supplements for dogs, cats, and horses. They are based in Temecula, CA with state-of-the-art production equipment with the ability to produce products with multiple delivery methods including tablets, powders, liquids, and soft chews. They are recognized as a top industry wide leader due to continued dedication to providing efficacious quality ingredients, cutting edge product innovation, and ongoing commitment to pet health.


Founded in 1996

Innovet is a science-based company of premium OTC products for pets. Their mission is to transfer scientific innovation to the pet healthcare market, by replicating the natural defense mechanisms of the body through patented molecules (ALIAmides). The main development field is based on the ALIAmide PEA, in its bioavailable forms (e.g. PEA-q). The products are offered primarily to the Italian veterinary segment, online and internationally.


Founded in 2008

Nutravet was founded in 2008 with a focus on developing the best veterinary strength, natural healthcare products to aid and support a pets well-being. Nutravet’s dedication to providing only the best products is why thousands of Veterinary professionals recommend their products every day. Whether it’s maintaining a pet’s joints and mobility or helping them recover from surgery, Nutravet have a natural solution to help.

Pet MD Brands

Founded in 2011

In 2011, the company that would grow to become Pet MD Brands in just a few short years opened its virtual doors to pet owners everywhere with a carefully curated selection of veterinarian-formulated pet products. Including vitamins, supplements, topical and dental treatments, and more, today Pet MD Brands has a loyal customer base of over one million strong that rely on our products to provide preventative care and treatment to pets worldwide.   

RX Vitamins

Founded in 1995

Rx Vitamins is an innovative, nutraceutical company providing veterinarians with nutritional formulations designed to enhance patient outcomes. Rx Vitamins has set the standard of safe, well-researched, condition-specific formulas that provide the veterinarian with a wide choice of treatment options. Rigorous inspection and assay testing ensures the quality, integrity and potency of each raw material and each complete formula.

Swedencare France

Founded in 2005

Swedencare France, initially sarl Buccosanté, was created in 2005. Since 2016 we became a subsidiary of the Swedencare Group. They are specialized in dental care but also in animal wellbeing. The office is located in the south of France near Fréjus. The company distribute products throughout France in various sectors; veterinarians, pharmacies, online sales, pet shops, groomers and breeders.

Swedencare Greece

Founded in 1993

Biovet started by bringing high-quality equipment for the increasingly modernized everyday veterinary practices. In 2019 Biovet joined the Swedencare family and developed new strategies in order to strengthen its position in the Greek market while delivering higher growth. The company offers a wide range of high quality pet healthcare products as well as veterinary-grooming equipment.

Swedencare Ireland

Founded in 1999

NutriScience is an award-winning brand of equine and companion animal nutritional supplements. In 2016 the company was acquired by the Swedencare Group. Since then, the focus on manufacturing excellence has been clear with a state of the art, multimillion euro GMP B8 accredited production facility. The entire product range is uniquely formulated based on scientific research with a highly experienced technical team ensuring excellent product quality and effectiveness.

Swedencare Nordic

Founded in 2016

Swedencare Nordic became a Swedencare subsidiary in 2016. The company distributes ProDen PlaqueOff® and NutriScience products across the Nordic market to various e-commerce platforms and traditional veterinary and pet retail wholesalers. The office in Malmö primarily focuses on sales, e-commerce, and marketing.

Swedencare Spain

Founded in 2019

Swedencare Spain started as a subsidiary in May 2019, with offices in Barcelona. Although they were present in the market a few years before, through a distribution agreement, the subsidiary has given us the opportunity to have a direct contact with the distribution network, a clear scope of market needs and the structure for building our business in the country while gaining brand awareness.

Swedencare UK

Founded in 2012

InformPet Ltd started in 2012 in Leeds, UK. The company joined the Swedencare Group in 2016 and changed its name to Swedencare UK Ltd. They distribute ProDen PlaqueOff® and NutriScience products across the UK to various e-commerce and traditional veterinary and pet retail wholesalers. The office is mainly sales, e-commerce and marketing focused, and the company offices can be found at Kirkstall Forge, on the outskirts of Leeds.

Swedencare USA

Founded in 2005

Started in 2005 – Swedencare USA is the manufacturer in the US and Canada for ProDen PlaqueOff®, an oral health care product from Sweden. ProDen PlaqueOff® has become the proven and trusted dental product for pets among those who have used it.

Stratford Animal Care

Founded in 2011

Stratford is leading within companion animal products in the veterinary industry & e-commerce marketplace. With trusted and recognized brands sold through licensed veterinarians as well as private label partners, they offer a complete line of topical dermatology products, dosage form animal health supplements and feed supplements. The supplements are manufactured with advanced patented and proprietary technologies for unique delivery and absorption.


Founded in 2016

Vetio was founded in 2016 as the combination of two companies – Tropichem Research Labs and Tetragenx Animal Health. Vetio is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization that specializes in complex drug product formulation and manufacturing of veterinary pharmaceutical, supplement, and dermatology products. Vetio is committed to the development and manufacturing of products that improve the lives of animals, while assuring the safety, quality, and compliance of our products to the highest industry standards. Vetio is the go-to single-source partner for successful product approval, commercialization, and ongoing supply. Vetio is the largest CDMO dedicated to Animal Health in North America.

Vetio UK

Founded in 2012

Vetio UK (former Custom Vet Products) is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation that specializes in product formulation and manufacturing of veterinary and pet supplementary products in the UK. Vetio UK stocks a private label option to the veterinary industry. We are committed to the development and manufacturing of products that adhere to the highest industry standards and improve the lives of animals.