Expansion into new markets

To fortify our global reach, Swedencare and its subsidiaries have achieved successful market expansions into new international territories. This underscores our dedication to extending the availability of high-quality animal health products to a broader audience. As we navigate towards new horizons, these expansions exemplify the group’s dynamic strategy and unwavering commitment to promoting animal health on a global scale. Here, we introduce some of the new markets we are excited to follow:

In the last quarter of 2023, Nutravet successfully launched the Nutravet range in two additional international markets,┬ácontributing to the fast-growing export sales channel. Nutravet products are now available in Montreal, Qu├ębec, Canada, via Vet Strategy practices. Montreal marks the pioneering region to embrace the Nutravet product range, setting the stage for an extensive nationwide roll-out scheduled for 2024 across Canada.

Nutravet has also made a noteworthy entry into the Polish market, forging a strategic partnership with Azan. Azan has been instrumental in supporting the launch through engaging trade show activities and featuring the products in trade magazine publications. Since the initial launch in November 2023, Nutravet products have already secured listings in over 140 practices across Poland, underlining the brand’s rapid acceptance and adoption in the region.

Looking ahead, the Nutravet team is fueled by ambitious plans to further amplify the international footprint of the business throughout 2024. These initiatives underscore Nutravet’s commitment to providing pet owners and veterinary professionals globally with high-quality, innovative solutions for animal health and well-being.


Sunipet, SwedencareÔÇÖs trusted distributor for the past five years, has achieved remarkable success in Chile and is now ready to extend its triumphs to the Mexican market. Sunipet SPA, known for its prowess in nutraceuticals, has introduced the ProDen PlaqueOff┬« Project, a groundbreaking initiative in pet oral health. This Chilean powerhouse is now making waves in Mexico through Sunipet International, with a mission to replicate its successful Chilean journey and establish ProDen PlaqueOff┬« as the go-to solution for pet oral health across Mexico.

The journey so far has been nothing short of spectacular. The grand unveiling of ProDen PlaqueOff┬« Powder at Mexico’s premier Veterinary congress was a resounding success, creating buzz among veterinarians. Their distribution network is already thriving in states like Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, and Michoacan. Plus, their tailored social media and digital marketing strategies are capturing hearts and minds in the digital realm.

In 2024, Sunipet aims to enhance brand and product awareness, captivating Mexican pet owners with the unique and visibly effective results of ProDen PlaqueOff┬«. A strategic masterstroke involves partnering with key distributors in high-density states like Mexico City, Jalisco, and Monterrey. Additionally, Sunipet is actively engaging in the growing e-commerce market, utilizing platforms such as Mercado Libre and Amazon to reach discerning pet owners. With strategic partnerships, innovative e-commerce approaches, and a keen understanding of the Mexican market, Sunipet International is not just entering the market ÔÇô they’re set to redefine it.


Vetio formed a partnership with a prominent pharmaceutical company in Asia to develop and commercialize multiple veterinary drug products. The initial focus involves leveraging Vetio’s patented Soft Chew drug delivery system for the first two projects. Two projects were initiated in 2023, with commercial launches expected in 2025 and 2026. With a strong market position in Asia, Vetio’s new partner aims to expand their presence in the US and EU markets, strengthening their animal health portfolio.

With the addition of this new customer from Asia, Vetio has achieved a significant milestone by establishing a diverse clientele spanning five continents globally. Actively involved in veterinary pharmaceutical development projects worldwide, Vetio proudly stands as a dependable Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization dedicated to advancing animal well-being, irrespective of their geographical location.


Cityfarma for Veterinary Services, our promising lead secured during the Dubai International Horse Fair 2023, is a newly established veterinary company dedicated to serving the wholesale and retail equine market in Doha, Qatar. Specializing in equine veterinary services, Cityfarma is strategically positioned with two sister companies, Injaz Veterinary Clinic and Alqemma Veterinary, with branches in the Al Shahaniya and Al Khor districts.

Having received their opening order in December, which included a comprehensive selection of the NutriScience equine product range, Cityfarma is currently in its infancy stages of product introduction. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with some products experiencing rapid sell-through. The company boasts robust connections within the Qatar Equestrian Federation, Racing & Equestrian Club, and various private stables and trainers. Their enthusiasm and commitment to promoting the NutriScience brand make them an ideal partner for the small yet affluent nation of Qatar.

As Cityfarma continues to establish its presence, we anticipate further expansion strategies and collaboration opportunities, solidifying our position in the burgeoning equine market of Qatar.