Summary of the period

“Synergies and business are easy when you have skilled colleagues.

Strong demand for our products, some production and delivery challenges due to Covid-19, many internal projects regarding launches, product development, training, new employees, and optimizations as well as mergers of warehousing, logistics and finance in the US and finally a new acquisition completes an intense quarter!

The first quarter’s net sales of 134 MSEK meant an increase of 255% compared with Q1 2020, while EBITDA profit increased by 243% to 35.8 MSEK, corresponding to a margin of 26.7%. Adjusted for acquisition costs, we reach an EBITDA margin of 27.4%. Q1 offered strong momentum in the industry despite continued pandemic impact worldwide.”

– Håkan Lagerberg, CEO, Malmö, April 29th 2021

First quarter – January 1st- March 31st 2021

  • Net revenue amounted to 133 908 KSEK (37 726 KSEK), an increase of 255%.
  • Organic, currency-adjusted growth amounted to 25% .
  • Operating profit begore depreciation (EBITDA) amounted to 35 780 KSEK (10 430 KSEK), corresponding to a increase of 243% corresponding to an EBITDA-margin of 26,7% (27,6%).
  • Operating profit after depreciation (EBIT) amounted to 35 189 KSEK (10 714 KSEK),
    corresponding to a increase of 228% and an EBIT-margin of 26,2% (28,3%).
  • Profit after tax amounted to 26 743 KSEK (8 441 KSEK).
  • Earnings per share, based on 21 075 598 shares 1,27 SEK (0.53 SEK).
  • As of March 31st 2021 cash amounted to 162 528 KSEK (44 092 KSEK).
  • Costs in connection with the acquisition of Holden2 amounted to 911 KSEK. Adjusted for this, EBITDA amounted to 36 690 KSEK, corresponding to an EBITDA margin of 27,4% and EBIT to 36 099 KSEK corresponding to an EBIT margin of 26,9%.

Significant events during the first quarter:

  • Canagans Dental dry food, which contains Swedencare’s ProDen PlaqueOff®, has been approved by VOHC.
  • Swedencare AB (publ) has completed the acquisition of Holden2 and part of the purchase price is settled with a non-cash share issue.
  • Swedencare AB (publ) presents new financial targets which are to achieve revenue of 2 MSEK in 2025 with an EBIT margin exceeding 30%.
  • Swedencare AB (publ) acquires Rx Vitamins, an American company focusing on dietary supplements for the veterinary channel.
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