Latest additions to our product portfolio

We can proudly showcase some of the latest additions to our product portfolio, each meticulously designed to enhance the wellbeing of pets around the world. Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to create solutions that address the unique health needs of our beloved four-legged friends.


In the second quarter of 2023, NaturVetĀ® launched an innovative product line, Scoopables, for both dogs and cats. The Scoopables line was designed to offer an accessible and cost-effective solution for pet owners looking to improve the nutritional value of their pets’ diets without having to switch to an expensive raw food diet.

Scoopables includes a diverse range of products with essential nutrients, crafted to supplement, and augment the dietary regimen of cats and dogs. This innovative line of meal toppers is formulated to address various dietary requirements, helps pet parents ensure the holistic wellness of their pets. NaturVetĀ® will closely monitor developments to continually improve and expand the Scoopables line. Particular attention will be paid to products that demonstrate strong sales and positive customer feedback, as these will guide future product development and marketing strategies. Scoopables represent a significant milestone for NaturVetĀ® and reflect their dedication to industry-leading pet welfare as well as adapting to the ever-changing needs of modern pet owners. NaturVetĀ® anticipates that Scoopables will be an important part of the product offering, offering solutions that truly lead the way in pet health and well-being. Future reports will provide further insights into Scoopables’ performance and the strategies for continued growth.


Fur Mineral Analysis Test

Rx Vitamins introduces the Fur Mineral Analysis Test Kit, a valuable tool for veterinarians. By analyzing fur, veterinarians in the matrix can assess prolonged exposure to pollution, as well as identify diet shortcomings for dogs and cats.

Testing requires only a small fur sample, with no need for blood or stool. The report includes 29 mineral and metal values, descriptions of elements outside the reference range, trending data, detoxification protocols, and mineral supplementation guidelines if necessary. Many pet owners are concerned about their petā€™s exposure to harmful minerals and heavy metals. Certain metals are highly toxic to animals when they are ingested or inhaled. When evidence of metal toxicity appears in fur, proper detoxification should begin to remove the toxins safely from the patient. The Fur Analysis kit is part of Rx Vitamins’ Test and Treat concept, and the analysis includes patient-specific detoxification protocol, with recommended products for supplementation, to make the process easier.


OculvetĀ® Gel

OculvetĀ® Gel is an innovative lubricant and humectant eye gel for cats and dogs. It relieves the symptoms of dry eye, by performing the same function as natural tears. The formulation of OculvetĀ® Gel restores both the water and lipid component of tears, giving relief in any conditions characterized by dry eye. The combination of hyaluronic acid and carbomer gives the product a long-lasting, effective lubricant and humectant action.

The presence of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) stabilizes the lipid layer of the eye. The traumatic acid helps to maintain the integrity of the eye surface. Adelmidrol (a palmitoylethanolamide analogue), performs a soothing action on the ocular mucosa. Adelmidrol belongs to the family of ALIAmides (Autacoid Local Injury Antagonist Amides). Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, ALIAmides represent an innovative approach to the management of various ocular disorders, as they perform a physiological (and not pharmacologic) action in reducing inflammation. OculvetĀ® Gel is part of an ophthalmic product line that also includes OculvetĀ® Eye Drops and OculvetĀ® Wipes, to provide all-round care to keep catsā€™ and dogsā€™ eyes healthy. The drops are suitable for treating eye redness, while the gel targets the symptoms of dry eye and our wipes are sterile wipes with cleansing, soothing and humectant action.