Innovet Glupacur®

Glupacur® Compresse (Tablets) is suitable for dogs and cats of any age affected with osteoarthritis. Thanks to the unique micro composite* made by palmitoyl-glucosamine and curcuma extract, Glupacur® Compresse (Tablets) supports joint metabolism in dogs and cats with osteoarthritis and improves their quality of life. Also available as Glupacur® Sticks. Glupacur® Compresse isn’t a veterinary drug. It’s a dietetic complementary feed for dogs and cats.

*Micronised composite (particle size range 0.6-10 microns) comprised of palmitoyl-glucosamine and Curcuma longa extract in 2:1 ratio


Product info / Description

Palmitoyl-glucosamine (PGA) is a slow-release source of glucosamine and maintains the physiological function of synovial mast cells. The effect is supported by omega-3 essential fatty acidsVitamin  E and curcumin neutralise free radicals produced in joints during osteoarthritis (antioxidant function).

Glupacur® is available as 30 and 200 chewable tablets.


Kgs Tabs/day
8-14 1
15-17 1 + ¼
18-21 1 + ½
22-24 1 + ¾
25-28 2
29-31 2 + ¼
32-35 2 + ½
36-39 2 + ¾
>40 3



COMPOSITION: Fish oil, palmitoyl-glucosamine (17%), mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids esterified with organic acids (diglyceride of behenic acid), sodium pyrophosphate, yeasts, lupine meal, sodium chloride, sunflower oil. ADDITIVES Nutritional additives: 3a700 (64103  mg/kg); 3c301 (6410  mg/kg); 3b503-manganese 1641 mg/kg.  Sensory additives: turmeric extract  [Curcuma longa L.] (85470 mg/kg). ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Crude protein (5%); crude fibres (9%); crude fat (27%); crude ash (18%); omega-3 fatty acids (4%); EPA (1.9%); DHA (1.2%); methionine (0.6%); manganese (0.2%); vitamin E (6.4%).

How to

To be administered for 60- to 90-day periods at the daily quantity shown in the table. The chewable tablet may be given directly into the animal’s mouth or crumbled and mixed in the food. Make sure your pet gets it completely.

It is recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought before use or before extending the period of use.

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