Swedencare launches WelliChews™ by NutriScience

Swedencare, a leading provider of pet health products, is proud to announce the launch of WelliChews™ by NutriScience, a new product range of functional soft chews designed to enhance the overall well-being of pets. With this launch, Swedencare makes its debut in the European Soft Chews market, underscoring our commitment to fulfilling the evolving needs of pet parents.

The increasing demand for soft chews, driven by pet parents’ concerns for their pets’ well-being and their search for convenient, natural, and healthy functional treats, aligns with our dedication to being a leading pet health company and a trusted brand.

WelliChews™ from NutriScience brings together the goodness of premium ingredients and scientific expertise, ensuring that pets receive the targeted support they need in a tasty and easily-administered form. Combining the deliciousness of soft treats with targeted health benefits, providing a convenient and enjoyable way to support various aspects of pet health.

Katarina Klein, International Product Manager at Swedencare, expressed her excitement about the launch, stating:
These remarkable functional soft chews are not only a testament to our dedication to pets’ health and happiness but also mark Swedencare’s stride into the European Soft Chews market, which is a rapidly growing segment that has gained immense popularity in the market. With WelliChews™, we are not just offering products; we are extending a promise to pet owners to enhance their furry companions’ overall wellbeing in a delightful way.

The pet care industry is constantly evolving, and the demand for soft chews has soared as pet owners prioritize the health and well-being of their furry companions. Additionally, the market has witnessed a growing preference for natural and organic ingredients in pet products, leading to the development of soft chews with healthier and more natural formulations. Swedencare is dedicated to being a trusted supplier and manufacturer, meeting the market’s expectations and fulfilling the needs of all pet parents.

WelliChews™ Joints & Mobility: These soft chews are specially formulated to promote joint health and mobility in pets. Packed with key ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin, these chews help support healthy cartilage and alleviate discomfort.

WelliChews™ Multivitamin: A daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals is crucial for optimal pet health. WelliChews™ Multivitamin soft chews offer a convenient solution, providing a comprehensive blend of nutrients to support overall well-being, immune function, and vitality in pets of all ages.

WelliChews™ Digestion: Maintaining a healthy digestive system is vital for pet’s overall health. WelliChews™ Digestion soft chews feature a unique blend of Triple-Action Prebiotic, Inulin & Psyllium Husk Powder. These soft chews support a balanced gut flora, aiding digestion, and promoting nutrient absorption in pets.

WelliChews™ Calming: Created to soothe anxious pets, these soft chews contain natural ingredients such as chamomile and L-Tryptophan. The combination of chamomile’s soothing properties and L-Tryptophan’s calming effects help reduce stress and promote relaxation in pets. WelliChews™ Calming is the perfect solution for pets during thunderstorms, fireworks, or any stressful situation, providing a gentle and natural way to help pets find tranquility and peace.

WelliChews™ Senior Health: Tailored to meet the unique needs of aging pets, these soft chews provide comprehensive support for senior dogs and cats. Enriched with Omega 3 and essential nutrients, these chews help promote cognitive function, maintain joint flexibility, and support overall vitality in older pets.

Soft chews, designed to offer a range of health benefits to dogs and cats, are a convenient and easily digestible type of pet treat. They closely resemble and taste like typical treats, but with the added advantage of being a supplement. Their popularity has risen due to their convenience and perceived tastiness compared to conventional pills or capsules. This makes soft chews an ideal option for delivering supplements to pets of varying ages, simplifying administration for pet owners.

For more information please contact:
Katarina Klein, International Product Manager, Swedencare
Phone: +46 767 63 80 80
Email: katarina.klein@swedencare.se

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